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Monday, June 13th, 2016
2016-06-13 June Board Meeting
Meeting began at 7:29 pm. All board members were present.
Motion to suspend the reading of the Minutes by Daniel K. Second by Larry Disney. Motion carried.
Motion to suspend reading of the Treasury Report by Daniel K. Second by Larry Disney. Motion carried.
Discussion was made about parking beside the boat ramp and signage for same.
Discussion was made to get an estimate to replace old wooden support posts on Caretaker Porch, with metal.
Motion was made to have a Bass Tournament by Daniel K. Second by Larry Disney. Motion carried.
Lee Kerr, John Ballard and Danny Clem volunteered to be on committee to establish rules and regulations and report back to the Board.
Motion was made by Bill Thiry to have David Hubbard mow around the lake a minimum of two times per year at $750.00 per mow. Second by Randy Steagall. Motion carried.
Motion made to purchase $1500.00 of Catfish by Bill Thiry. Second by Lee Kerr. Motion carried.
Motion made by Bill Thiry to present original club registry book, On Loan Only, to the Bluegrass Heritage Museum. Second by Daniel K. Motion carried.
Board approved to revise Caretaker Responsibilities.
Motion by John Ballard to have Curtis Green to paint fence from road to clubhouse for $1250.00. Second by Danial K. Motion carried.
Motion made by Lee Kerr to spend $600.00 to plant a 6 acre alfalfa food plot at the Hume Farm. Second by Zack Means. Motion carried.
Motion made by Larry Disney to adjourn. Second by Randy Steagall.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.
Minutes brought to you by Randy Steagall, Secretary

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