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Monday, October 9th, 2017
October Board Minutes 10-9-17

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. Board member Joe Young was absent.

A motion was made by Zack Means to suspend the reading of the September Board Minutes, second by Todd Wilson. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Todd Wilson to suspend the reading of the September Treasurers Report, second by Zack Means. Motion carried.

Larry Disney discusses a minor club infraction that recently took place at the club. President Disney will address the issue directly with the club member personally.

The Board discussed a non club member who has been accessing club property.

John Ballard made a motion to write a letter to the non member, to ask them to refrain from accessing the property, second by Walter Newell. Motion carried.

The Board drew numbers for order placement in the 2018 Ballot.
Larry Stewart, Bradley Wall, Randy Steagall, Bill Thiry and Tommy Cook.

Rufus Cravens gave the Caretakers Report.

A motion was made by John Ballard to accept the Caretakers Report, second by Randy Steagall. Motion carried.

Bill Thiry opened discussion about the Christmas Raffle.

A motion was made by William Elkins not to exceed $1,000.00 in procurement of the items for the Raffle, second by Zack Means. Motion carried.

John Ballard opened discussion about bids he received for the Gatehouse repairs.
At this time the Board may go a different direction, rather than making those repairs as the estimates were not acceptable. Bids for the Parking Lot have not come in at this time.

A motion was made by William Elkins to name the cooking shed at the grill, "Walters Kitchen", second by Zack Means. Motion unanimously carried.

William Elkins effected his resignation from The Board, to take place on December 31 2017.

Greg Elkins and Zack Means both effectively Withdrew their names from the 2018 Directors Election. Thereby eliminating the need for an election.

The Youth Waterfowl Hunt has been canceled due to lack of participation from the youth.

A motion was made by Daniel K. to adjourn the meeting, second by Zack Means. Meeting adjourned at 9:19 PM

Minutes posted by Randy Steagall

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